Highlights project

While we are still putting together Fragments of Calm Carolyn and I have started working on a new daily project for the month of August. It doesn’t have an official title yet. It I like to think of it as the Highlights project. It is a 4 inch block each day which we are using cyanotype and stitch to mark out the highlight or a good thing or something happy about our days.

They will be joined in a calendar layout. Daily project work seems to work very well for Carolyn and I and I want to continue it in my ongoing work. Quilt as you go, embroider in warm comfort in front of the tv, handling small things. These are pleasurable for me. As is collecting lots of work fragments and testers and presenting them all together as one work. Somehow that works for me, creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Two of the recent blocks. Cyanotype image didn’t work on the second.

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