Ebb and Flow quilt

Finally finished my quilt to the point where I could submit the entry form for the Tasmanian art quilt prize. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the photos I submitted. I think I took them in too low light. And then I had to resubmit my artist statement because it had too many typos. I was rushing because I didn’t finish it until this afternoon. My own fault but it annoyed me that it was such a shambles at the last minute.

Learnt a lot in the process of making this. It is 150 cm wide and extremely heavily stitched. I broke my embellisher in the process. I was reminded of last years workshop at the last minute and used two threads in the sweet sixteen to speed up coverage and alter the colour in the green sections. I’m excited about using more self dyed sheers. They take the colour well and produce interesting effects and colours in overlay. I’ve ordered some silk gauze but thinking now that the most translucent is organza or even tulle. Several layers of tulle could be really interesting and the non sparkly tulle is also quite cheap. Only issue is that it is rough and crunchy. Not my idea of a cuddly artwork. Still I’m excited to try it out more. Think I’ll do another small quilt for the Desert Threads exhibition. I have lots of desert dyed fabric left over. All in all it was a good experience making this quilt and it gels with some of the things I gravitate towards in art, like serendipity – needle felting and crazy stitching creates some effects that I cant predict. It resonates back to something I also considered years ago – like 15 years ago- and that is creating a painting from fabric heavily sewn down with stitch. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time. Now to see if I’m brave enough to apply stitch and fabric to my upcoming drawing and painting units. I’m going to try. Only need to pass now to complete the BFA.

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