A couple of extra little projects just for fun.

In Mount Gambier I was taken by the colours of Blue Lake and Valley Lake. Blue Lake ranges from a bright teal to a deeper royal blue in summer, compared to the normal winter steely grey. In contrast Valley Lake does not do this and appears a muddy green when we were there.

Using a photo of Blue Lake I created a series of watercolour puddles trying to match the colours of the photos. For the photo I had first tried to edit it in situ to match the colour. It was a real struggle and the result was only a rough approximation at best.

Valley Lake was even more of a challenge. I had many goes trying to match the colour and in the end had most success using a green base and adding some purple and white. You can see by the bottom right attempt that some of the puddles became so heavy with pigment to become almost black as I added green and complementary over and over in a futile attempt to get the right shade of green. Still it was fun.

Outback palette:

I took this photo thinking it depicted most of the outback colours I had observed. It included the blue grey stormy sky and the clear blue sky, the orange/red earth and the olive and gold of the bushes.

This was the result from experimenting with Adobe Capture to create this palette by sampling the photo. Now I went to all my fabrics that I had spent time dyeing from life in the outback and tried to do my best to match this palette.

I was pretty pleased that I had these colours in my stash that I had dyed. I also have many more dyed fabrics that are also variably true to this palette.

I plan to include a both of these additional exercises in my colour book and this last one should then lead on to my Ebb and Flow Quilt.

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