Colour matching Gouache studies (3.1) Part Two

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve had reliable internet as we had the internet out for a week in the outback and now this last week we are travelling home. I’ve been working through the practical work but need to catch up a bit on writing up.

I was pretty please with how this turned out. The biggest challenge and point of difference here was the black. I tried to make black out of colours rather than using the black from the tube and although the colour produced is black, it has quite a different character to the rich black printed on the fabric. This fabric is actually a charity bandana, chosen at the local roadhouse for its graphic blocks of colour. The Liberty fabric would have just been impossible for me to extend.

Once again I’ve just saved all my testers with the right one in there somewhere. If I’d been sensible I would have marked which one I thought was right but now I’ll have to go back and rematch when I’m assembling my book. Sigh.

I found this an enjoyable activity. I noticed that I sometimes had to go back and change my paint after I started to paint on the paper as close proximity to the fabric really highlighted differences that I couldn’t see prior to that. I felt that I could see what colour was needed to correct but I would often then overshoot and go back and forth a few times before I could get it right. This exercise has taught me a lot about mixing colour and the use of complementary to move colours away from just pure vibrant colour, (which I do love), to a range of more subtle colours. I’ve discovered that even colours I would consider bright, are often nonetheless tempered with the complementary.

I’ve been looking a colour a lot and spent a lot of time in the outback analysing the colours of the landscape and the sky, with a view to using that palette in future work.

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