Feedback on Assignment One

 Last night I had my video feedback session with my tutor which was fine. I’ve included a copy of the report sent below. I was excited by his encouragement to go beyond the brief a bit and include more of my own interests. I’m happy to do that because I’m in a pretty unique place at present. Working in remote central Australia means that I have limited resources in regard to shopping but new and exciting resources in the environment. 
Overall Comments


Congratulations Susan, you have worked at a good level for this assignment.


You have produced some well-executed pieces of work. There is evidence you have researched widely and used different techniques and processes to influence your thinking and making. Your learning log shows that you have been looking at adequate research and artists required for the projects. Overall this is a good body of work.


We discussed on Video call that you are enjoying drawing and painting and that you are feeling very comfortable working on big formats, like you have done with some of your paintings and collages. We also commented about developing some of your drawing with a bit more detail and maybe spend more time on some of them, prioritising quality to quantity.

You have successfully explored different scales, it would have been great to see more detailed drawings and more bigger pieces.


Your Collage pieces were amongst your favourite pieces and some of the strongest pieces of your work, you have worked with many different materials, layering and combining different colours in a successful way.


It is good to hear that you are enjoying Drawing, and that you want it to be part of your start of every project, I really encourage you to continue developing them and exploring different ways, materials and techniques. You mentioned today that you don’t have too many resources for material around you, as there are not many shops near you. Take this as an opportunity to be a bit more experimental and explorative, maybe using recycled or found materials, Don’t feel you always need to work with paper, you can find elements found in nature, plastics, card boards, metal…etc


We discussed the possibilities of trying to work beyond the exercises and explore a more personal approach to the projects. Possibly adding some primary research like photographs, found objects… and create colour palettes that you can then add to your drawings and future textile samples.



Overall, I think you are enjoying the course and generating very exciting pieces of work.



Please inform me of how you would like your feedback for the next assignment. Written or video/audio


Well done Susan, I look forward to your next assignment.


Tutor name

Pere Bruach


3rd September 2017 

Next assignment due








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