scratch and flow.jpg

Top half is scratched to direct the watercolour along these channels.

Attempted to burnish the bottom half of the paper to make it smooth but didn’t really alter the characteristics of the paper which still looks rough. But the flow pattern is different. This paper was also bulging down the centre. Worked well to apply the watercolour at the top of the bulge and the rest of the drawing just drew itself as it dried. My kind of drawing. 🙂

Based on this close up


Watercolour drypoint

Tried scratching the outlines of a whole picture into a piece of A3 paper with a stanley knife. Difficult because I couldn’t see what I had done. Then I painted over the whole sheet of paper and the lines individually hoping to fill the channels with watercolour.

Only limited success. The lines don’t stand out as much as they do in the little flower drawing, but still works in principle. Plus gave me a very free drawing because it has been defined by marks that I couldn’t easily see as I was making them.


Towel flowers

Looking at ways of illustrating the texture of the printed flowers on the beach towel.

First I have tried adding dots of glue to raise up the texture of the paper. Gives an interesting effect but fairly dominating like dots and not an accurate representation of towel texture.


Next I have very smooth yupo paper as the base and tried to draw texture with watercolour. Mild success I would say.


Thirdly I have textured the paper with a stanley knife prior to doing a little tester painting. I was very happy with the way the watercolour went into the channels giving the appearance of a drypoint. Excited by this.



Trying to illustrate the sparkle of the flecks of reflected light in the snowdome, contrasting with the texture in the base. Have created the geometric sparkles by leaving them white. Idea is ok I think but the appearance is flat and not like a sparkly glossy dome. Should have varied the size of sparkles from front to back to give more depth, and also considered varying the sharpness of the white from foreground to background.

Puddled watercolour in the base was quite successful in creating texture.


Size is A3 squared off if you can imagine that.

Dotty drawing


threshold crop.jpg




Taken this arrangement through a couple of translations before drawing. First a close up, then a change to threshold image in photoshop. Finally I placed the printed image on a mini light box and traced the image in ink dots only.

Final photo is just a detail shot of the drawing. I had great fun doing this, but the very smooth glossy look of the initial arrangement is lost by using this dotty technique. So whilst it is effective it gives the impression of a rough granular image, reminiscent for me of a landscape in the black and white version, and possibly not a suitable technique to use to render a smooth object.