Quick reflection on the intro project

Was taking my time on the intro project because I was going by the online pdf which had the intro project as the whole work for Assignment one. Went into a bit of a spin when I realised that my hard copy of the course guide was a later version and had assignment one as the intro project and the first three projects. Had to extend my deadline because of this but now need to move on to the next bits rather than any more time on the intro project. I haven’t done any really big ones or worked up any ideas but I’ll leave it for now and come back if I feel like it or if I have time. Probably more sensible to put the effort into the upcoming bits as I don’t think the intro project is formally assessed.

I enjoyed doing the project although I must admit that I’m eager to move on to textiles. Still, pretty much free drawing was enjoyable and I loved using the watercolour even if it was only black. Reminded me of tusche on a litho stone.

Thinking my blog is a lot more basic that some of the others. I’m including everything because I don’t plan to send anything heavy to the UK.

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