Still debating

I’m a bit concerned that my choice of objects is too literal and more about the actual object than its qualities. For example for swimming I am choosing a towel. It has a link with swimming that is not really related to its formal qualities but more related to its use. I have however chosen a towel that has a flowery tropical pattern on it, typical of a souvenir tourist towel, so in that way it represents the bright pattern associated with tropical tourist.

To represent tacky souvenirs, I have simply chosen a snow dome, to me the quintessential tacky souvenir, so in this case I guess it does have the formal qualities of shiny, bright and clique-ed content that I associate with tacky.

For bright sunlight I am using the yellow massage ball. This is better because it’s not as literal.  I have chosen it because of it’s qualities of bright yellow, pointy bits radiating suggesting rays and round shape.

I’m thinking I’ll combine lush rainforest and humidity in the one object now by stuffing a carafe full of local fern from the garden. In that way I hope to convey the oppressive feeling of humidity in a tropical jungle.

Cocktail glass with blue cocktail represents the qualities of blue-green tropical waters on its surface, whilst encased in the form of a cocktail glass, the essential tourist drink.

The detailed pattern of shells and coral will be represented by actual shells. This is just literal but adds a necessary component to the collection.

Actually looking at these I think they should meet the brief and perhaps I should stop procrastinating and actually start some work 🙂


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