Selecting objects

Now I’m back home I should start selecting objects to draw for Assignment one.

Going to select objects to match the following characteristics of Tropical Tourist:

Lush rainforest – Fern fronds

Sea life – coral, shells- Patterned shells that I bought or I could use my nautilus shell. Not sure if nautilus shell is tropical.  Just looked it up. What I have is the shell of Argonauta nodosa (paper nautilus) and this is actually a species of octopus. The shell is actually an egg casing and it’s largely not tropical but found in cooler areas. So the shells I bought in the souvenir shop will have to suffice to suggest shells and coral. I have coral pictures too but can’t take actual samples.

Blue/green water- Blue curacao cocktail

Humidity – Really struggling with this one. The feeling of thick air in the jungle is what I’m after.  Thinking I have a small carafe that I could put a lid on and put dirt in it to allow condensation to collect…. maybe, I’m not sure. Consider presenting the fern fronds in the carafe and sealing it for a while to get condensation.

Bright sun – Drawing things outside with strong shadows, or alternatively I have a yellow massage ball that looks like it has sun rays coming from it. Also looks a bit like a beach toy.

Tacky souvenirs- Turtle “snow dome”

Cocktails- Plastic cocktail glass

Swimming- Bright flower pattern towel

So maybe towel, fern in carafe, blue cocktail in cocktail glass, turtle snow dome, patterned shells, yellow spiky ball.  Six objects but some of them combine two things.

Tomorrow I will photograph them and try some arrangements.

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